Valapad Grama Panchayath

10 April 2023

Manappuram Foundation donated food kits to elderly people of Valapad Grama Panchayath in association with Vayojana Shema Samithi Valapad . Food kits are handed over by Mr. C C Mukundan MLA, Nattika Constituency. The occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. Premlal, President, Vayojana Shema Samithi, Mr. Sujith Pullatt, Mr. K C Sadanandhan was represented by Vayojana Shema Samithi and representatives of Manappuram Foundation.

In a compassionate gesture towards the elderly community, Manappuram Foundation recently extended its support to the residents of Valapad Grama Panchayath. Collaborating with Vayojana Shema Samithi Valapad, the foundation distributed essential food kits to the elderly, bringing smiles and relief to those in need. The event was made memorable by the presence of esteemed individuals such as Mr. C C Mukundan MLA, Mr. Premlal, and representatives from Manappuram Foundation.