As part of Convergence 2024, Manappuram Foundation organized Sahayaathrakk Snehasparshamayi 2024 and Sadhairyam 2024. Sahayaathrakk Snehasparshamayi 2024 is a mega event where the foundation distributed 50 electric wheelchairs to people with different kinds of disability. Sadhairyam 2024 is an event organized by Manappuram Foundation every year to honour empowering women.

Manappuram Foundation, renowned for its philanthropic endeavors, once again extended its compassionate arm to those in need. In a heartwarming event held on March 12th 2024, Manappuram Foundation distributed 50 wheelchairs to individuals grappling with muscular dystrophy and other disabilities.

The event buzzed with an air of anticipation as recipients and volunteers gathered at a MCP Convention Centre, Irinjalakuda, bedecked with colorful banners emblazoned with messages of hope and inclusion. As the ceremony commenced, dignitaries took to the stage, expressing gratitude to Manappuram Foundation for its unwavering commitment to social welfare. Speeches resonated with themes of empathy, empowerment, and the importance of assisting those facing physical challenges.

Manappuram Foundation’s gesture didn’t merely end with the distribution of wheelchairs; it sparked a ripple effect of compassion and awareness. The event served as a reminder of the power of collective action in creating a more inclusive society, where every individual, regardless of ability, is valued and supported.