Stress Management through YOGA seminar

A Seminar on Yoga ‘Stress Management through Yoga’ was conducted on 11th August 2018, Saturday at Manappuram Yoga Centre, Valapad with great excitement. Participants of all age groups participated in the event. Almost 75 participants took part in that event. Yogacharya Sree Surendranathji from Sivanadha International School of Yoga, Alappuzha, had lead the seminar sessions. All the participants, Volunteers and Yoga teachers assembled in the earmarked area at 9.45am itself so as to ensure the sessions are conducted in the most conducive manner.

The program commenced at 10 am with Prayer. Mr. Sanoj Herber (DGM-MAFDN) welcomed all the dignitaries to the program. Inauguration was done by Ms. Sushama Nandakumar along with Mr. Sanoj Herbert, Ms. Sushama Vijayan, Acharyan Surendranathji and Mr. Pramod by lightening the lamp. The Seminar sessions started with systematic practice of different ‘ASANAS” under the instructions of Yogacharya and supervision of our trained teachers. During the seminar, the Yogacharya also narrated the usefulness of different “Asanas” as a precautionary measure, in curing many diseases, stress and the usefulness of Yoga in the overall wellbeing of a human being.

The entire program lasted for 2 hours and concluded at 12.15 pm. All the participants were advised to practice Yoga for keeping their body and mind in healthy, stress-free and cheerful condition.

Post Yoga session appropriate refreshments were served to all the participants.