Slow Learners Training Program

Slow Learners Training was introduced at GVHSS, Chamakkala by MAHIMA Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre Vatanappilly, for the students who face difficulty in reading, writing and learning. The clinical Evaluation and Assessment of Children with Learning Disability was conducted by Dr. Shereena (Clinical Psychologist) and the Counselors of MAHIMA. The program was coordinated by Ms. Anu Rose Mary (Psychiatric Social Worker). The project involved students-teachers-parents. The program started with an orientation given to the teachers on learning disabilities. Based on the orientation, the teachers identified students who face difficulty in their academics and an orientation was given to the students and  parents. The training will be provided as 20 sessions in which they will be given training on attention enhancement, academic remediation etc. Specific services such as audiology evaluation, speech therapy, IQ test and individual counselling will also be provided to the students identified with such issues.