Session on Career Aptitude (November 2018)

MAHIMA Counselling and Psychotherapy centre, Valapad conducted Career Aptitude Test and session on career guidance in various Vocational Higher Secondary Schools of Thrissur district. The aptitude test covers student’s way of interest in career, their caliber to achieve their interest and their attitude towards their career. The test was conducted in GVHSS Thalikkulam, Govt. Technical School in Kothaparambu, GVHSS Kaipamanagalam, GVHSS Valapad and MARMVHSS, Shanthipuram. It was conducted as two days program in which a brief description on career was given to the students followed by the test on the initial day and the results were provided individually along with a session on career motivation on the second day. The sessions were handled by Mrs. Jasna, Psychiatric Counselor, MAHIMA. The students could analyze their aptitude and choose their accordingly.